Families’ stories

We listen to what families tell us about the service we provide at Home-Start Wakefield & District. Then we look at how we can improve. We believe that families in Wakefield deserve the best service possible and here at Home-Start that is what we aim to provide.

Amy’s story – From being lost to a confident mother of 3

My name is Amy.  I had twins at the age of 19.  After the breakdown of my relationship with the twin’s father when they were 8 months old, I was feeling very vulnerable and lost.  My health visitor told me to look around for some centres that would help me to meet other parents that needed a helping hand.  I found HOMESTART Wakefield!

They gave me the opportunity to have a volunteer to come and have a couple hours with me a week to help me get out of the house and feel somewhat normal again.  My volunteer was amazing.  She helped me with almost everything regarding the twins from going to the shops to just having a real conversation with another adult.  Not only did Home-Start offer me a volunteer but they also had a stay and play group I could attend.  Everyone was so welcoming and I felt like I had a purpose again.  I felt like I could get on with my life and be normal just like all the other families who attended group.

As time went on I had a few personal troubles.  Home-Start was always a safe place, that one place I went to once a week just for an hour or so where I felt equal to everyone else.  It made me realise I wasn’t the only one who was struggling with day to day life.  It gave me a chance to talk to other parents while the children played.  The twins came on so much with their speech and everything with the activities Home-Start did with the children.

The twins are now in full-time school and I have a nearly 2 year old who also now attends the group.  He absolutely loves it and I have gained some wonderful friends from the group.

It’s safe to say that I would be lost without the help from Home-Start.  I was in such a terrible place and they were my light at the end of the tunnel.  The woman who now runs the group that I attend is wonderful.  She makes everyone feel so welcome, we have a laugh and I would honestly say Home-Start is like a second family to me.  I wouldn’t have achieved half the things that I have if it wasn’t for them and I can guarantee that neither would any of my children.  They are an amazing charity who give so much and expect nothing in return.

All in all HOME-START has saved me.

Beth’s storyF d(7)_listening_on_sofa

Beth was told about Home-Start by her health visitor when she was pregnant with her third child. She was reluctant to accept help at first but has now been supported for 3 years. Beth’s volunteer helps her to manage her finances and has become an important part of Beth’s routine.

Veronica’s story

Veronica is a mum with a border line personality disorder, she has a gambling addiction and has struggled to bond with her daughter. She has built a strong relationship with her volunteer and has now begun to interact with her daughter, prioritise her money and reduce her gambling.

Suneel’s story

Suneel fled her own country because of oppression and persecution. She was frightened and alone. With the support of her volunteer and her co-ordinator, Suneel started to trust people again. She went on to do a university degree and is now helping other families who find themselves in similar circumstances to herself.

Note : Names not actual names of the parents